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So I've decided to get back into coding. I'm trying this whole blog thing again. I miss it! I really do! It's just so difficult for me to do something for longer than two weeks, I always obsess then lose any interest.

I'm halfway through cs50! I sent the team a letter and David J. Malan fucking!!!! Emailed me to say thanks!!! I just about died right there. I admire and respect him so much, the fact that he reached out made my week!

I have a new job, and a lot more time. I LOVE my job now, it's amazing. I do customer support for an ISP startup and it's the best job I've ever had. It's so cool, ya know, not being miserable and exhausted from work all the time. It makes me so happy, and there's an incredible work life balance. I love it!

I don't really have anything I wanted to talk about today, I really just want to work on my site, but I need a little bit of content to get the ball rolling again.

If you remember me from before, hello again, I've missed you. Thanks everyone, and have a good day!


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